Direct from original Iveco producer – OEM level gearbox control cables.

We increase our collaboration witch original Iveco control cables producer. This time we start witch few new gearbox conrol cables. Similar as witch hand brake control cables – this is product direct from Iveco original control cables producer. Usally this product for us we receive w/o any original Iveco marking (but sometimes also witch) and we offer this as „OEM level” product (even in fact this is original). Generally this cables as OEM level are 20-30% less in prices as very attractive level of original cables in DFE. So you can have now same quality in much better prices. If you have any demand (of course in bigger quantities) for other control cables fro Iveco group in similar „OEM level” outlook and quality – please ask us by e-mail – we check if our Producer have this type in offer (for Iveco cables are produced in several different factories and each one produce only selected group from full Iveco offer) Please check the list below and witch „on-line” DFE platform you can find all prices and order some cables to check